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Is Your Home as Prepared for the Winter as you are?


describe the imageAs a New England resident of Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island you probably know a thing or two about how long the winters can be. By now you are hopefully prepared for the cold season that has already begun. For yourself, this might mean owning a quality winter coat, hat, and gloves which can withstand even the most chilly and windy mornings. For those of you with kids, or who have raised small children in the past you likely gave them the advice to bundle up before they go out to face the cold. This way they would be insulated and comfortable so they could focus on the important things like playing or getting to school safely.

Insulating Your Home

While you and your family may be prepared for venturing outside during the cold of winter, is your home ready to keep you warm and comfortable the rest of the time? The answer most likely is not as ready as it could be. You see, when many people think about making sure they can stay warm indoors during snowy season they check their heating system by making sure it’s working properly and they have enough wood, gas, or electric power to fuel it. While this is a great first step, you should also make sure you make the most of this heat you are paying for. This starts with making sure your home is well insulated. Aside from your roof, windows and doors are the greatest sources of energy loss in the home. Windows in particular can be a major point of warm air loss in the cooler months.

Historic Window Replacement for Older Homes in New England

describe the imageOld towns common throughout New England commonly have historic homes with older windows. While these are often sturdy and well made for their time of creation, over time they can crack, warp and leak. They can lack the modern technology such as double pane glass or advanced frame materials that help make Renewal by Andersen products so energy efficient. Renewal windows also make an excellent replacement for windows in historic homes because they are custom measured to each window frame. This is a must for many older windows which may not have been created to modern specifications or have warped over a period of time.

Check for Energy Star Qualified Windows

When you replace the current windows in your home with Energy Star qualified ones such as Renewal by Andersen windows, household energy bills can be lowered by 7-15% on average. This qualification is based on the U-Factor, or the rate of heat loss which is a measure of how insulating the windows are. Homes in Northern regions such as New England must be better insulated than those in more moderate climates in order to stay as efficient because there is more potential for energy loss. As an example, in order to be Energy Star qualified a window in Rhode Island must have a U-Factor less than or equal to 0.30 while one in Miami Florida would only need a score of 0.60 or less to qualify.

Superior Insulation from Renewal by Andersen Windows

describe the imageJust as you insulate your body to keep warmth from escaping with a coat in the winter time, your home needs to be protected in a similar way. Replacing your windows is like putting on an insulating shell where you need it the most. When you replace your windows you get the benefit of staying more comfortable even when it’s freezing outside because you can largely eliminate drafts and cool air from escaping. In addition monthly energy costs fall, home value rises, and you get the peace of mind knowing you have improved your home in a way that is both high-tech and environmentally responsible.

The New England winters are long and it’s not too late to have efficient windows installed by Renewal by Andersen so you can stay comfortable all year around without having to bundle up indoors like you do outside.

A History of Window and Door Excellence


As the replacement window division of the Andersen window brand, Renewal by Andersen is a part of a long history of innovation and a commitment to excellence.

andersen historyEver since 1903, when Andersen opened up for business it has been leader in the window and door industry; a tradition of high performance products that continues to this very day. It all began when a Danish immigrant with a vision and years of lumber experience took a risk to create a better window manufacturing process.

Our Qualities

One of, if not the most important factor we consider each time we create a window or door is energy efficiency. This was even more important in the early 1900’s when we started making them because it was much more difficult to heat or cool a house in those times. But while we may have more efficient methods for heating and cooling our homes today, this doesn’t mean we want this energy to go to waste.

But an energy efficient window or door is not the only thing that matters. When you make an investment in your home you need a high performance product that will protect your home and perform at a high level for many years into the future. All of our products are made to be low maintenance so you can enjoy their long life without any additional work.

Environmental Commitment

GreenSealRenewal by Andersen and its parent company are also committed to having an environmentally friendly production process without sacrificing performance. Awarded with the Green Seal, our windows and doors are made through a sustainable process with recycled materials.

Each of our window frames is made from Fibrex® a unique material made from 40% reclaimed wood fiber. Through years of testing, we were able to create a more sustainable material that outperforms much less environmentally friendly replacement window options on the market.

Andersen Brand Innovations

It’s clear why the Andersen window brand has lasted so long and enjoyed so much success over the years. We are one of the only home improvement companies that works with you through the entire process, from our sales and support team, to our installers, and manufacturers who custom build your windows right here in the U.S. Combined with unmatched attention to detail and a high-tech product, we believe we have the best solution for your home if you are in the market for energy efficient windows or doors.

fibrex windowOver the years we have made numerous innovations to improve our products while influencing the entire window industry. The first of these were frame sets which allowed dealers to deliver customized windows to customers quickly. By 1935, Andersen began shipping pre-assembled windows which saved time and controlled the quality of the final product. Andersen also invented the first double pain insulating glass and sliding windows, major innovations at the time. Most recently, Fibrex ® was developed, a wood and vinyl composite that features the best aspects of both of these popular window materials. These are just a few highlights of our continual efforts to improve our products in any way possible.

Renewal by Andersen, the replacement division of the Andersen Corporation, follows in these same footsteps. Since 1995 we have replaced more than 2 million windows in upwards of 300,000 homes throughout the United States. Discover for yourself why so many other Americans choose us for their replacement window and door needs by scheduling a no hassle in home consultation to learn more about our products and get a price quote.

Our Unique in Home Consultation and Energy Efficiency Analysis Explained


Making the Most of Your Time and Budget

describe the image

For over 100 years Renewal by Andersen has been installing highly insulating windows and doors to homeowners across the county. This is all we do because we are passionate about perfecting the products we already offer. Unlike many other so called window contractors who might only install windows part of the time, it’s our one and only focus. We are dedicated to perfecting the entire process from customer service to the installation and even warranty fulfillment down the road if you run into any problems.

In fact, we love talking about our replacement windows and patio doors so much, we regularly schedule in home consultations with our potential customers. We visit your home at no cost to you, just so we can share what makes our products so unique. To us, this is the most important part of the decision and buying process because it’s when we get to listen to your needs and begin to understand what you want in a window. We are here to help you maximize the money you spend with us and solve any challenges that may be unique to your home in regards to the window buying and installation process.

About Our In-Home Consultations

One of the first things we do is figure out which types of windows you need. Are you looking to replace all the double hung windows in your New England home? Or perhaps you want a combination bay and bow window to be a centerpiece in your living room. We have these options and more including gliding windows which are great for the kitchen or bathroom where you may have limited space. And don’t forget about our stunning patio doors if you are in the market for one either. They come in both sliding and hinged designs. During this consultation we will most likely go over color and style options (we have many to choose from). At the end of this process we provide an accurate price estimate on the work you want to be performed.

We do all of this in a way that keeps things simple for you so you can make the right choice without feeling overwhelmed with the process.

Energy Analysis on Your Current Windows

In addition to figuring out what you want in a window replacement, our specialist can perform an analysis of your current windows to find out how much energy loss your home is currently experiencing. You might be surprised how much energy you are losing trying to heat or cool your home just because of the windows in your home. This analysis is a great way to find out how much Renewal by Andersen windows can potentially save you each month in costly energy bills.

Whether you simply need new windows, or you are looking to take your homes appearance or level of efficiency to new heights, Renewal by Andersen of Southern New England can help. It all starts with a simple phone call, so why wait!

Save On Windows This Fall with Renewal by Andersen


Why it’s a Smart Time to Buy Efficient Windows

Renewal by Andersen brand windows in fall season, New England

Whether you have kids that are going back to school or are you are simply winding down from the summer vacation season, fall will quickly be upon us. As you probably know, the cold season comes quick in New England. It’s most likely a time when you and your family will be spending more time indoors. Soon will be the time of year to spend the nights settled into the couch watching a game, or movie. For people who do have kids, you probably enjoy having more time to yourself to do these things or even catch up on reading, restore a hobby, get together with friends or work on the house.

If this sounds like you or maybe you are simply conscious about getting ready for the cold winter ahead, replacement windows are a great way to help stay comfortable in the fall and winter months when so much of your time is spent in your home. Unfortunately, those with inefficient windows will have to either spend extraordinary amounts on heating bills wastefully or suffer through the cold, almost like you were outside. If you have ever felt this way in the colder months it might be time to look into making your home more energy efficient with window replacements from Renewal by Andersen of Southern New England.

Add Value and Efficiency to Your Home This Fall

We know right now is the perfect time to have new widows installed and want to help you make the choice you will enjoy the benefits of for years to come. The temperature is still mild for a short while and our installations can be completed before the cold of winter arrives in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Our customers are constantly surprised by how much more efficient their home becomes after having our windows installed which helps cover their costs over time. It’s also never a bad time to increase the value of your home. Renewal by Andersen windows creates added value that lasts because of their high tech materials, custom build quality, and limited warranty.

Special Savings

Currently we have special deals going on for our windows so you can add value to your home while decreasing wasteful energy costs. For a limited time, you can receive your 6th window for free with the purchase of 5 or get the second for 40% off if you need two windows. Ask your local representative about details and availability. Speaking of our staff, they will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have about replacing windows or doors in your New England home. We can set up a no cost in home consultation to go over all the styles, and options and even do a complimentary energy analysis on your home to let you know how much energy is losing through your current windows.

So whether you have been shopping around for the best replacement windows for months or you want to start planning for this winter, now is an opportune time to get ready and save in the process. When you have Renewal by Andersen windows installed in your home this fall, you will not only increase the value of your home, reduce energy costs, and be more comfortable through the winter and the entire year but it will also add a level of elegance that is unmatched by other window brands.

Patio Doors


Renewal by Andersen doors provide your home with multiple benefits that include beautiful craftsmanship, energy efficiency, durability and security. All of these benefits are obtained through our contemporary glass sliding, hinged and sliding French patio doors. All of which are fully customizable from the color of the door to the hardware. With the availability of different options you will find the right color and style door that will be unique to your home.

 api2Beautiful craftsmanship is not easily obtained, but with over 100 years of innovation and experience we have perfected the design of our doors. You can trust that our hand crafted Renewal by Andersen Patio Doors will only add to the beauty of your home. All of our French patio doors come with the interior color option of oak, pine, maple, and white. With natural wood interior color you will notice the warmth that is added to your home, through the installation of our products. All of our French Doors also come with a variety of hardware options from antique brass to polished chrome; any combination will add to the beauty of your home.

Durability and security are important factors when it comes to protecting your home. With our all wood patio doors you will find your home secure from all sorts of weather elements. Not only will your entry ways hold up to heavy rains and winds, but they are also easily operated. You will find the sliding and opening of our doors very smooth and effortless. With very little maintenance your Renewal by Andersen doors will stand the test of time. Security is a must for protecting your property and family. All of our patio doors have the option of multiple locking points so that you can install the level of security that you home needs.

Energy efficiency comes with all of our patio doors. With continuous weather-stripping and expert installation you will no longer feel drafts when passing your doors. The reason why our doors provide the best insulation is because of our custom building process. Each door is built to fit your unique door opening. All the doors are measured down to a 16th of an inch to insure a proper fit and installation. By reducing the amount of air flow in out of your home you can expect large savings on your heating and cooling costs each month.

describe the imageNothing compares to a beautifully crafted Renewal by Andersen patio door. The key of Renewal by Andersen doors is the construction and installation of our products. For over one hundred years we have been perfecting our processes and improving upon them. We want to provide our customer with beautiful products that they will improve the image of their home. 

Don't think about purchasing a standard door for your home when you could add a beautiful cutom built Renewal by Andersen Door. Not only will our patio doors last longer than standard doors, they will add higher levels of security and energy efficiency to your home. 

Your Replacement Window and Door Checklist


Whether you are replacing one window or all of the windows throughout your home, deciding to purchase replacement windows can be a big decision. Only around half of all replacement window companies have a checklist when it comes to the replacement window installation process. At Renewal by Andersen, because replacing your home’s windows and doors is our only focus, we have been able to get our process down to a science. From the start you will be provided with an in-home window specialist. Our replacement window consultants are there to listen to your needs. Below is what you can expect from your replacement window and door experience with Renewal by Andersen.

Renewal by Andersen Blog Post 1

  1. Appointments That Meet Your Needs- We know you work hard, and that’s why we want to provide you with the products and service that you expect from the Andersen brand. Unlike other service companies, we don’t give you a range of time when we may show up to your house, we give you an exact time. So if you are expecting us to be there at 5pm, we will be there at 5 pm. We work around your schedule and set-up a time when all of the household decision makers can be present.
  2. We Give You Options- Unlike other replacement window companies who have a standard product that they make your home fit, we provide you with a custom home evaluation and assessment. We know that every home is different, and with that you have different needs when it comes to your replacement windows. We inspect your home’s current appearance and efficiency and recommend our best Andersen window and door solutions. After assessing your New England home, we offer a variety of glass, grilles, colors, and hardware finishes making sure that you don’t compromise on style or efficiency. And you never have to worry about your window not fitting properly because we measure your home so our windows are a perfect, custom fit every time.
  3. No Obligation Pricing – We promise to provide you with a free no obligation in-home consultation. During that time we will explain our pricing for your particular replacement window or door home project. We pride ourselves on transparency, and with that we give you a range of options to fit every budget. And of course following your free in-home consultation you are under zero obligations. We simply hope to provide you with the facts and figures that will allow you to make the best decision for your family and your home. We promise to provide you with expert consultation services, high quality products, and the best warranties in the business. Our mission is for you to be happy with your windows and doors five, ten, and even fifteen years from now.

So what are the most common things that you could look out for to find out if your home is in need of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows?

-          Your windows are painted shut and won’t open.

-          Your windows drop and won’t securely stay open.

-          You feel a draft entering around your window frame.

-          You have difficulty regulating the temperature in your home.

-          The exterior of your window is rotting.

-          The paint on your window keeps chipping or peeling.

-          You notice your windows are “sweating” or leaking.

If you live in Northern Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or the surrounding areas and any of these scenarios apply to your home, invest in replacement windows and doors from Renewal by Andersen. 

The Unique Features of Bay and Bow Windows


Renewal by Andersen provides a wide variety of replacement windows for your home. One of the more unusual types of windows we are happy to install is the Bay and Bow design. These unique fixtures can both add a distinct touch to the interior and exterior of your home and provide some functional space.

What are Bay and Bow Windows?

Bay windows are typically made of three adjacent windows. They buckle outward and leave a small ledge or space indoors. Often, the two outer windows are smaller than the main window in the center and add emphasis by framing this central pane. The outer windows are angled away from the main one to provide a panoramic view of the outdoors.


Bow windows also provide some extra space by creating an arc towards the outdoors. These windows, however, are usually the same size and create a more rounded shape. Most of the time, five or six narrow windows are installed side by side to create another beautiful outdoor view.

 describe the image

Why Choose Bay and Bow Windows?

Our bay and bow casement windows are the perfect way to enhance your home and provide some functionality. These energy efficient pieces are hinged at the side and are extremely easy to open and close. Unlike traditional, double hung windows, casement windows are opened with a crank and a latch.

Choosing our bay and bow casement windows is also a low maintenance option. Because you can open these windows with a crank, you can clean the interior and exterior in one session. Open the window and reach around to efficiently clean the outer pain without actually going outside.

We suggest cleaning your windows up to 3 times a year with a gentle solution. Buildup, such as pollen and dirt, from the outdoors can leave a coating. When you purchase Andersen Windows, you are purchasing the highest quality glass for maximum insulation and a clear view. Keep your windows looking their very best and protect your investment with a gentle soapy solution and some warm water.

Bay and bow windows can give you some extra room to decorate or add some seating. For instance, if a ledge is big enough, you could place a cushion on top and create a window seat. You could also place a seat nearby and use the ledge like a table to place your drink or a book. Another option is using the ledge to place decorations, such as pictures. They also create a great place for glass bottles or vases, which capture the window light and give your home some extra shine.

 describe the image

Another great feature of bay and bow windows is that you do not have to use the extra space for a ledge or a window seat. Without a ledge, you have extra floor space for anything you like. You could place a bench or small table in this spot, or leave it empty. There are plenty of options to suit your tastes.

Renewal by Andersen ensures quality windows of any kind. Bay and bow replacement windows use Low-E4® glass for maximum energy efficiency and a beautiful view outside. Use these fixtures to expand your view and give you some extra space. Renewal by Andersen’s replacement windows have endless options to increase the value, efficiency, and functionality of your home.

Evaluating The Cost of Replacement Windows


What are you really paying for?

Like most other home improvement projects, buying replacement windows for your home is an investment to protect, beautify and increase the value of your property. Most windows are not extremely cheap, but then again would you want such an important part of your home to be made of flimsy, inefficient materials? Lets take a closer look at what you are really paying for when you choose Renewal by Andersen as your window replacement company.

We have grown to be well known in the window industry because we provide the most value to the homeowners we do business with.


First a foremost, we stand behind our products with a comprehensive warranty that covers both materials and labor. You can read more about these at our main site. We know how valuable it is for our customers to have peace of mind from the time we talk to you on the phone, to the day(s) we complete the window or door installation, all the way until far into the future when they are still enjoying the many benefits of our products. Saving a few bucks upfront and going without a warranty has not proven to be a wise long term idea for homeowners in New England where the climate is hard on your windows.

Energy Effeciency Windows

Any smart homeowner knows the value over time of having a more efficient home. Its not
coincidence why our windows have received so many awards over the years for their insulating qualities. We were one of the first window companies in the U.S to meet the environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® performance requirements in all service regions. We have revieced multiple awards from them including National Windowdescribe the image Partner of the Year. Andersen was also the very first window and door manufacturer with Green Seal™ certified products because they meet Green Seal energy efficiency requirements. Any homeowner who has experienced paying energy bills in the New England winter knows how important it is to have an efficient home. A more efficient window can drastically reduce energy bills each and every year and these savings really add up.

Innovative Technology

Andersen Windows also has some of the most innovative replacement windows on the market.
During our over 105 years in the industry we have never taken a break from advancing window technology. Our custom Fibrex® material is our most high tech product yet. It is not only has the highest insulating qualities but is also is able to meet the guidelines Under U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) guidelines to claim a percentage of its material as pre-consumer recycled content. This means its also much more environmentally friendly than traditional windows. Our low-e glass is another major innovation. With double layered Andersen windowsdescribe the image
with low-e glass you get two layers of glass between you and the elements. The space between is filled with Argon gas which is non-toxic and invisible. The combined effect of a double pane and Argon is a much more efficient window.

So if you are still trying to decide which brand of window to have installed on your home, think about what you are really paying for. Some companies might save you a little money upfront only to provide an inferior product that requires costly maintenance that comes out of your pocket and higher energy costs year after year. We were only able to name a few of the most value adding features of Andersen brand windows so contact us through one of our representatives and ask why we make the best replacement windows for your New England Home in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island

Insulating Windows - For a Warm Holiday Season


holiday christmas trees decorated in winterNow that the holiday season is upon us, many homeowners are starting to take their minds off of home improvements in favor of holiday gatherings and activities such as buying gifts for family members and getting ready for thanksgiving. One thing most people would agree on is that the holidays can be both stressful and expensive at times. First there is planning and preparing a large meal for thanksgiving. Then the very next day Christmas shopping begins for most Americans. The rush of this season combined with shorter days and colder weather leads people to neglect their homes aside from the decorations of the seasons.

How Well Does Your Home Hold Heat?

But how enjoyable of an experience can you have with your family indoors when your currenthome is letting in excessive amounts of the cold air in through your doors and windows? To keep everyone warm, many families often have to spend extraordinary amounts of money on heating bills during the fall and winter months. This is particularly true when you have family over to enjoy the festivities. When it comes to family and friends, you never want to host them in an uncomfortable environment that is far colder than the temperature a warm holiday home should be at. Worse yet, you probably don’t want them to think you are not willing to pay a little bit extra to keep them warm when you are supposed to be their host for this special time of year.

snow seasonDid you know that on average around 33 percent of heat loss is from the doors and windows on your home? This number can often be close to 50 percent or more. For an inefficient house that is expensive to heat, new windows may be the perfect solution. In addition to being costly to heat your home, many people realize how wasteful it is to use energy from a heating system that literally goes right out the window instead of having staying inside where you need it. In fact, many homeowners have purchased Renewal by Andersen brand replacement windows for this precise reason, to create a more environmentally friendly and efficient home.

Renewal Windows Help to Keep Thousands of Homeowners Warm Each Winter

Let me tell you a little more about these windows. They are made from a highly durable andreplacement windows snow2
insulating material known as Fibrex. This composite is exclusive to the Andersen brand and represents years of research aimed towards perfecting the home window. Low-E glass is another reason why Renewal by Andersen windows will work to insulate your home so well. Because each window is made to individually fit to the precise dimension of each and every window frame in your home, there is no space around the edges of your new windows for any air to leak in. With over 100 years in the business, they have truly thought of every aspect of what makes for the perfect window. This has come through technological innovation and from listening to homeowners who care about the look and performance of their windows throughout the years. This is just as true when it comes to colors and aesthetics.

A Gift for the Whole Family

Replacement windows may not seem like the most obvious choice for a Christmas gift, but if you want to get something that is practical and will make for a comfortable family gathering, it may be an option you should consider. New windows have the ability to keep your family comfortable all year long, impress the neighbors, increase the value of your home and save you money on heating and cooling bills all year around.

Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer


The peak of summer is just around the corner bringing long days, searing heat, and summer fun. Take advantage of these secrets to keep your house energy efficient and comfortable this summer.

Use grill, microwave, or stove to prepare food instead of using the oven on particularly warm days. If you live somewhere that cools off overnight, shut off the AC and crack the windows to let the cool air in during the PM hours. Avoid setting lamps and TV’s next to your AC thermostat. Heat emanating from those appliances is sensed by the thermostat, which often causes the AC to run longer than needed. Finally, only run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer in the cooler hours, as they are also sources of heat that stays stuck inside.

Any of these simple lifestyle changes can help reduce your summer cooling bills, but the sure-fire way to prepare your home for the heat might be something you haven’t thought of before, ditching your old, drafty windows for Renewal by Anderson replacement windows. If you currently own aged single pane windows, you might not realize it, but you are allowing your air conditioning to escape, or rather permitting additional heat to come in and negate your cooling. This can cost you hundreds of dollars every month and thousands every summer. The cool air that you are producing is actually going out of the window.

Check out the video above to watch the energy efficient Andersen difference at work.

By picking Renewal by Andersen for your replacement windows, you will be able to stop the cold air from trickling out and the warm air from finding its way in, diminishing your air conditioning costs and making your living space comfortable. In contrast to cheap vinyl windows that bend or even melt in the heat, Renewal by Anderson windows are made with our patented Fibrex material, that holds up with the sun’s rays and weight of glass panes. To achieve unmatched results combine our replacement windows with shades, blinds, or plantation shutters.

So get ready for the coming months and begin thinking about ways to reduce your monthly energy costs even more.

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