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Double Hung Windows : Still the Crowd Favorite


If you have never Double Hung Window Interiorbought replacement windows before, you not even be aware of the different style names, like double hung. This timeless window design is by far the most common choice for residential homes, complementing a wide array of architecture. It is a versatile design that operates by sliding either the top or bottom sash down or up to create ventilation. As it so happens, Renewal by Andersen double hung windows are the best replacement windows in production. Allow us to tell you why.

Hastle Free Cleaning. Andersen replacement windows are nearly maintenance free. However, dust, sea spray, dirt, and smoke can stick to glass over the course of a year. Andersen double hung windows tilt out for convenient cleaning without using ladders or even going outside. We suggest using a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solution such as vinegar, soapy water, or residential glass cleaner 2 or 3 times each year. Simply wipe the glass down, dry with a squeegee or rag, and push the sash back into position. If there is a really stubborn corner, cans of condensed air with straw extensions work wonders.

Countless Design Options. Pick from an array of different colors to obtain the precise look you want on both the inside and outside of your house. You will never have to paint again, because Fibrex doesn’t fade, chip, or flake away like paint on wooden window frames. Grille patterns also add their own unique style possibilities. Pick from Colonial, Prairie, Modified Prairie, and Farmhouse. We even let you determine the number of squares you want on each sash with colonial grilles. Finally, our estate and standard hardware collections will put the finishing touches on your replacement windows with ornamental locking systems.

The Stamp of Approval. Andersen has been in the window making business for over 100 years. During that time, we have grown a reputation for unbeatable quality. Most architects even recommend our products to builders and homeowners, displaying the Andersen product name and “or equivalent” on the formal plans. Why buy a look-alike that is less durable and doesn’t maintain temperature as well when you could invest in the real thing? On top of that, there are numerous historic districts that only allow Andersen replacement windows to preserve the beauty and structural integrity of culturally rich neighborhoods.

Revolutionary Building Material. Every window frame is made from our innovative Fibrex material that is maintenance free, much like vinyl windows. What truly sets Fibrex apart is its minimal expanding and contracting from heat build-up. The expansion and contraction of vinyl along with vinyl’s propensity to bend under the mass of multiple glass panes causes seals to fail as quickly as five years after installation. Fibrex also doesn’t rot like wood does when it doesn’t receive vigilant care.


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