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Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer


The peak of summer is just around the corner bringing long days, searing heat, and summer fun. Take advantage of these secrets to keep your house energy efficient and comfortable this summer.

Use grill, microwave, or stove to prepare food instead of using the oven on particularly warm days. If you live somewhere that cools off overnight, shut off the AC and crack the windows to let the cool air in during the PM hours. Avoid setting lamps and TV’s next to your AC thermostat. Heat emanating from those appliances is sensed by the thermostat, which often causes the AC to run longer than needed. Finally, only run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer in the cooler hours, as they are also sources of heat that stays stuck inside.

Any of these simple lifestyle changes can help reduce your summer cooling bills, but the sure-fire way to prepare your home for the heat might be something you haven’t thought of before, ditching your old, drafty windows for Renewal by Anderson replacement windows. If you currently own aged single pane windows, you might not realize it, but you are allowing your air conditioning to escape, or rather permitting additional heat to come in and negate your cooling. This can cost you hundreds of dollars every month and thousands every summer. The cool air that you are producing is actually going out of the window.

Check out the video above to watch the energy efficient Andersen difference at work.

By picking Renewal by Andersen for your replacement windows, you will be able to stop the cold air from trickling out and the warm air from finding its way in, diminishing your air conditioning costs and making your living space comfortable. In contrast to cheap vinyl windows that bend or even melt in the heat, Renewal by Anderson windows are made with our patented Fibrex material, that holds up with the sun’s rays and weight of glass panes. To achieve unmatched results combine our replacement windows with shades, blinds, or plantation shutters.

So get ready for the coming months and begin thinking about ways to reduce your monthly energy costs even more.


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