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Andersen replacement windows are an investment that pays off year after year with huge savings in ever-increasing energy costs. Whether you heat your home with gas, oil or electric, new energy efficient Andersen replacement windows will keep you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and spending less year round.All Renewal By Andersen windows are custom built for your home and only your home. We measure each window to fit your home to ensure each window is a perfect fit that matches your home’s style. Our windows are so authentic that they are approved in historical districtsthroughout New England including Connecticut, Cape Cod Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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Choosing the right replacement windows is a complex process. There are many choices and combinations homeowners need to walk through before signing on the dotted line. Some of these include:
Budget – What is your new window budget? It is important to understand how much you would like to spend before you start your project. Remember your new window budget doesn’t always mean buying ‘cheap’ windows. Often, homeowners replace windows in phases; only replacing 5 windows at a time. In the long run, cheap windows usually cost a lot in lost energy savings and a lower level of comfort for you and your loved ones.
Brand Choice – It is a good idea to create a short list of brands you are interested in. Be sure to move forward with a Replacement Window brand you trust, after all this is your home! When researching your new windows and doors, be sure to look for unbiased reviews from other homeowners.
Material Choice– Do you want wood windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass, or a composite? Single or Double Pane glass? Low-E Coating? Not sure? Call us for a free window consultation and we can explain the benefits and potential drawbacks to each.
Window Type – Just because you have 3 double hung windows there now doesn’t mean you can’t change that configuration. Didn’t you always want a Bay Window there? Now is your chance. At Renewal by Andersen, we transition window types all the time.
Color Combinations – We have many different color configurations we can discuss for your new windows.  When choosing a new window, you want to be sure it matches the character of your home.
Hardware Selection – This is the fun part! Choose the hardware that matches your home’s aesthetics. Even subtle touches in window hardware can make a world of difference.
Warranty – Make sure whatever replacement window company you choose provides a detailed warranty. It should spell out how long the window is covered for as well as any warrantees or guarantees covering the work.
Installation Expertise – If someone is opening up your home, you want to make sure they know what they are doing. Be sure to ask for how long they have been installing replacement windows as well as their level of expertise.

And there is much more. That is why Renewal by Andersen always sends a Window Specialist directly to your home to ensure this process is streamlined. There is no cost to you, our specialist’s time is free and the estimate is free. Don’t go through this process alone – let us help you with your window purchase.

Currently we provide Replacement Windows in Connecticut, Cape Cod Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Contact us today for your own no-cost in-home energy analysis and get ready to start saving money and living more comfortably.